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Learner drivers on motorways is something that has been debated for decades. The alteration in the law will come into force later on this year and will try to solve the current situation of new drivers driving on the countries fastest roads without any extra schooling.

In the ideas publicised by the Road Safety Minister, Mike Penning, it’s going to be possible for learners to have motorway teaching if taken with a fully qualified instructor.

The minister gave as one example his teenage daughter who during the first minutes of gaining her driving licence could have driven on the motorway if she wanted.

The change of the law won’t be mandatory just because a number of students are living in remote regions and will find it not easy to drive to a motorway for lessons.

Reported by the Department for Transport over 80 young drivers who were under 21 years old were fatally injured in accidents on the motorway since 2006.

Issues are expressed that we are training learners how to complete a driving test and not preparing them for years spent behind a wheel.

The government minister was responsible for banning the publishing of driving test routes and solutions to the driving theory questions. Students will be motivated to think more individually.

In a further change the Minister for road safety wants to prohibit trainee instructors from offering driving lessons to learners unless the unqualified instructors themselves are being supervised by a qualified instructor. Some learners do not know that their instructor may in actual fact be a trainee.Mike Penning said he wished to stop trainees from teaching pupils until they’re qualified. Quite a lot of those trainee driving instructors never pass their tests and never become fully qualified driving instructors and yet we entrust them to teach learners.

The latest initiatives have been welcomed. It will be interesting to find out the facts of how this will come into effect. Countless students express the concept of driving on the motorway a real problem and that instruction from a driving instructor would assist them.

The options have also been endorsed by the Institute of Advanced Motorists who feel that motorway lessons is vital.

Motorways are actually our safest roads. However, without proper teaching and guidance they can be dangerous.


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