Precisely What Can Make Some Motorists Superb?


The next in the series of articles on “Precisely What Can Make Some Motorists Superb?” is “Attitude”. Now we have already witnessed several of the specifications vital but without the proper attitude you’ll not be competent to drive safely around the roads of Wokingham. We can display to you ways to drive carefully and how you can possess the right attitude not only for your car driving test but for the rest of your life.

Anybody can pass a test. It is possible to switch it on so that the examiner thinks you are good. However will you continue to drive conscientiously if you find no one beside you telling you what to do once driving on the roads by yourself? Will you carry on doing everything that the driving instructor taught you e.g. “Mirrors, Signal, Manoeuvre”?

It is bad that your examiner or an individual’s driving instructor aren’t able to measure a student’s attitude. If only I could possess a machine which may inform me the motorists who will become “reckless drivers” after they successfully pass their driving test. Actually the learners who easily pass their test are the type which are quite likely going to get involved in a major accident. They think that they may be better than other motorists because they passed their test first time with only a handful of lessons than most pupils take. These individuals tend to drive fast, be reckless and take more chances.

As a driving instructor you always hear about old students who’ve chosen to drive poorly after they passed. I can almost guarantee that any one of those former pupils will at some time in in the future, crash. What is more they will usually come with a justification for the car accident; it was the other driver’s fault, there was ice on the street or that child ran straight out in front of my car. Yes periodically things are all out of our control and even the best drivers on earth might have crashes. However you build up your odds of an accident by lacking the proper attitude.

Once you’re driving around the roads remember that it requires years of experience before you claim that you’re a really good driver. It will not come about suddenly. Even if you have passed your driving test don’t believe that it is possible to drive like Jenson Button.

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