Precisely What Can Make Some Motorists Superb?

Self Discipline

The next attribute necessary to be a very good driver is self discipline. It’s easy to drive by our own rules if we are driving a car alone. Exceeding the speed limit is easily the most common one. A number of drivers think that speed limits do not relate to them or that 30 is a minimum speed limit not a maximum. The motorist who parks on the path with no thought of mothers with children. Those car drivers who decide to park illegally in bus stops. Not obeying all the traffic signs. Ask yourself if a police motorbike was tailing you, would you drive exactly the same way?

You might think that self discipline and attitude are the same things. You must have good attitude however, you should also have self discipline to drive a car in the right way all the time. Just imagine you’re late for your job, are you going to still drive legally, correctly and safely or are you going to disregard the rules. Self discipline could really encourage you to drive properly all the time.

Some car drivers that drive many miles each year, a lot more than most people, think, sometimes wrongly, they are very good motorists. Those that see that they’re professional drivers; driving instructors, van drivers, taxi drivers and chauffeurs from time to time incorrectly believe that since they are “professional” drivers that they must in some way far better than all others on the street. Often the absolute opposite is true. Lots of people who drive for hours on end particularly those people who travel long dull journeys down motorways and dual carriageways frequently use the cars as his or her office. Making mobile phone calls with or without hands free, tweeting, playing with the satellite navigation and even reading the newspaper.

So the next time that you’re driving a car throughout the streets endeavor to think about self discipline.
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  1. Brandi Wilkes on May 16th, 2012 1:06 am

    One simple skillful thing that most people have forgotten to do and that’s use Mirror Signal Manoeuvre.

  2. Lloyd Holly on June 19th, 2012 12:50 pm

    Thsnks for your informative blog post

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